2FA that is simple to integrate and even simpler to use.

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What's great about Encrypxon 2FA...

Your devs will love it

Simple OpenAPI 3 interface. Only 4 service calls for a complete implementation.

Secure by Design

Based on Encrypxon's PKI infrastructure, every 2FA authorisation uses new entropy to ensure security.

Mobile App

The Encrypxon app offers 1-click 2FA authorisation. No codes to enter or numbers to match.

Business Model

We offer great pricing to businesses using Encrypxon 2FA, plus your users get free access to the Encrypxon password manager.

Audit Trail

Encrypxon records every 2FA transaction. Every transaction is digitally signed with the users private key for additional security and verification

Free trial

Get a free API key today and start using 2FA in your app tomorrow.

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